Huck Hui Ng, Genome Institute of Singapore, Singapore
Huck Hui Ng

Huck-Hui NG is the Executive Director of the Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS). The GIS was started as a national flagship programme to tap into the innovation and impact of deciphering the genetic blueprint of mankind. Today, it houses more than 200 researchers working on different aspects of Human Genomics (Human Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Cancer Therapeutics and Stratified Oncology, Stem Cell Genomics, Cancer Stem Cell Genomics, Translational Genomics, Computational and Systems Biology).

Huck-Hui NG graduated from the National University of Singapore with a first class Honor degree in Molecular and Cell Biology and obtained his PhD from the University of Edinburgh.  He spent the next few years working at the Harvard Medical School as a Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell research fellow. Upon return to Singapore, he started his research programme on Stem Cell Genomics at the GIS.

His lab works on different aspects of Systems Biology of Stem Cells. Specifically, his group uses genome wide approaches to dissect the transcriptional regulatory networks in embryonic stem cells with the aim to identify key nodes in this network. This led to the first paper on the whole genome and unbiased mapping of key transcription factors in mouse embryonic stem cells. More recently, his lab has begun to investigate the reprogramming code behind the induction of pluripotency in somatic cells. Huck-Hui Ng’s works have been published in journals such as Cell, Science and Nature. He also sits on the Editorial Board of International Journals such as Cell, Cell Stem Cell, Genes & Development. His papers have received over 14,000 citations and his H-index is 45.

His research work has earned him several prestigious national and international accolades including the Singapore Youth Award (2005 and 2010), the National Science Award 2007, the HUGO Chen’s New Investigator Award 2010 and the President’s Science Award 2011.

Huck-Hui NG holds Adjunct Professor appointment at the National University of Singapore (Departments of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences) and the Nanyang Technological University (School of Biological Sciences). He is also the President of the Stem Cell Society, Singapore.

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