Fuchou Tang, Peking University, China
Fuchou Tang

Fuchou Tang received his Ph.D. degree from Peking University in 2003. He joined BIOPIC of Peking University as a group leader in 2010. His lab focuses on studying gene regulation network in human early embryos. Collaborating with Dr. Sunney Xie and Dr. Jie Qiao, he demonstrated the proof of principle for the MALBAC-based pre-implantation genomic screening in in vitro fertilization (IVF), which allowed accurate and cost-effective selection of an oocyte free from aneuploidy, as well as Mendelian diseases associated alleles (Cell, 2013). Furthermore, his lab analysed the dynamics of gene expression network in human pre-implantation embryos at single-cell and single-base resolution (Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 2013). His lab also developed single cell DNA methylome analysis technique (Genome Research, 2013) and analysed the dynamics of DNA methylome in human pre-implantation embryos, which provides new insights into the critical features of the methylome of human early embryos, as well as its functional relation to the regulation of gene expression and the repression of transposable elements (Nature, 2014). Collaborating with Dr. Guoliang Xu and Dr. Jinsong Li, his lab demonstrated that in mouse one-cell stage embryos, the maternal and paternal genomes both undergo global Tet3-dependent active demethylation and replication-mediated passive demethylation and the global active DNA demethylation in maternal genome of mouse zygotes is unexpectedly not dependent on TDG pathway (Cell Stem Cell, 2014).

Email: Tangfuchou@pku.edu.cn

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